Monday, October 11, 2010


1. 蕣や是も又我が友ならず

even the morning glory
cannot be a companion for me

2. 朝顔や昼は錠おろす門の垣

a morning glory
Unlocking in the afternoon
hedge at the gate

(come back to this and translate all of 閉関の説!)

3. あさむつや月見の旅の明け離れ

Six in the morning
I bid farewell to the moon
and continue my journey

4. 海士の屋は小海老にまじるいとど哉

In the fisherman's hut
camel crickets
mixed with the little shrimp

5. 荒海や佐渡によこたふ天河

The sea rough tonight
the Milky Way
reaching out to Sado

6. 家はみな杖に白髪の墓参り

everyone in the house
gray-haired and leaning on sticks,
going to visit the graveyard

7. いざよいのいづれか今朝に残る菊

the fading moon
or the chrysanthemum still here this morning:
which will be be gone first?

8. 十六夜はわづかに闇の初め哉

one day after full moon
it is faded only a little
but the darkness begins

9. 十六夜や海老煮るほどの宵の闇

the bright sixteenth-day moon
barely enough time before moonrise
to boil shrimp

I stopped right before the 十六夜s.

6-9 are not really up to par even as drafts. I was very sleepy but wanted to get through the amount I had assigned myself...(yawn)...come back to later...


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